Attracted by the ancient and original glass processing technique, Maria Cristina Andretto,completed her school training in Murano in the eighties. She had been exploring her artistic attitude since 1985, improving her ability in the manual transformation of different materials.She kept on her professional way, teaching in some specialized schools and workshops in Emilia Romagna’s region, while receiving many awards for her artistic works.Her natural passion for experimentation, leaded her to set up the Company D.I. Più srl in 1999, in order to explore new methods to work with artistic Murano glass in all its ranges.She has been always inspired by the idea to give body to incomparable and unique products, entirely hand-crafted in order to maintain all the artistic peculiarities of the Murano glass.Thanks to a production cycle that is totally handmade, the result shall be an item with high stylistic contents, unalterable and durable quality. The  focus is to produce art to surround ourselves, our homes, our everyday life, looking for a perfect balance between beauty and functional aspects, aesthetic research and practicality.
D.I. Più srl - via G. Bernini 4 - 42048 Rubiera (RE) - phone (+39) 0522.260669/620533 - fax 0522.624382 - p.iva 01941530352 - codice fiscale 02654430368 - Cod. R.E.A. RE-233389