Experience made us become what we are and the way
we want to be: authentic and true...

My encounter with Murano glass really was love at first sight. Since ever synonym of refinement and good taste, it’s the soul of all my creations. My passion for working with this incredible material and my curiosity for experimentation led me to found D.I. Più srl - Andretto Design in 1999.
The balance between ancient and modern, between shapes and colors, only reachable through high artistic craftsmanship work of precious materials such as Murano glass, 24kt gold and pure platinum 999.9%. Many objects come to life in our laboratory, manufactured in many different ways but with one thing in common : they all are made by hand. I consider my creations as my "children" and just like a mother I am really proud of them all. I must admit however that that I have a soft spot for the vibrant beauty of "Soffioni" and the scratching minimalism of "inside-out". Being a craftsman means rediscovering what the human being can create with his own hands, taking care of every object in the smallest details in order to make it unique and unrepeatable. My name is Maria Cristina Andretto and I am an artist of glass.

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D.I. Piu srl - Andretto Design

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