Advise for products installation

Forthe installation of our products in Murano glass, D.I. PIU SrlAndretto Design suggests the following operations.  Makesure that the walls and the bottom have been made with all thecriteria, that they are perfectly dry, clean and perfectly flat.

Applyan uniform layer of glue paste, that shall be dark or light,according to the tone of the mosaic to put down, with 2 mm jaggedspatula Press the material using wood or rubber buffers, ensuringperfect adhesion to the surface. Wait for the glue to solidifyfollowing the instructions on the product's technical sheet. Thenproceed with plastering by filling the joints with fillers or otherspecial joints products. For an optimal finish, the stucco layer mustnot exceed the thickness of the tiles/listels. Finally, cleanaccording to the technical specifications of the product used.

ATTENTION:IT IS PROHIBITED TO LAY THE GLASSES WITH THE CEMENT. IT ISRECOMMENDED TO USE BICOMPONENT GLUES AND ELASTIC, NON-RAPID GLUES  ofthe brands, Litokol, Keracoll, Mapei or others with the sametechnical and physical characteristics.


Eachproduct of Di Piu' srl Andretto Design in Murano glass, is made bymanual processing with the fusion technique, respecting all thecooking and cooling criteria. The slow heating and very slow cooling,guarantees the absence of residual tension and all the pieces arecarefully checked one by one.
The possible variations of calibre, little imperfections and lightchromatic variations are to be considered distinctive characteristicsof the handmade execution of the product and not imperfections.Therefore, no claims will be accepted when related to the abovementioned distinctive characteristics.


Maintenancedoes not require utilization of particular products or tools. Beingglass a totally non-absorbent substance there is no risk of eventualspots and it is thus recommended to use a humid sponge-cloth withnormal products for cleaning glass surfaces. We recommend however tobe particularly careful with cracks and joints because those are themost exposed parts. 


D.Piùsrl declines any responsability for defects and faluts due to thelaying operations, and will not accept complaints or claims fordamages caused during the installation activities.


Anyrequest must be notified within 8 days from the receipt of the goods,otherwise it will not be accepted.


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